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5/12/2018 Alex Veness

Although painting is central to his practice, Alex Veness also makes work using a self-built scanner-camera.

His paintings, often based on his own scanner-camera imagery, revisit some of the major concerns of Modernism via the aesthetics and visual logic of what might now be termed Post-Postmodernism.

The work draws on the fragmentary, hyper-enhanced nature of contemporary experience, encouraged by the hysterical desires and absurd romanticism of marketing media and the effects of daily graphic user interface (GUI) and touch-screen interaction.

Venness is a founder member of Class Wargames, an international collective of artists, filmmakers and academics. The group enacts public performances and produces films and publications for national and international exhibitions and events.

Venness graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1994 with an MA in Painting, and from University of Westminster in 2002 with an MA in Hypermedia Studies.

His work has been exhibited in the United Kingdom and internationally, including Camden Arts Centre (London), Tate (Liverpool), The Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (Exeter), The Latvian National Museum of Art and The Hermitage (Saint Petersburg, Russia)


The world to come{1939 projected for 1960}

It the conformation of the positive direction of the technology


What is the technology?

How technology changes our world?

The relationship between modern world and technology

Usually Images from analog slide

Go from analog to digital

We have a familiarity to the photographs, so we feel familiar to the soft edge of the images{Is that natural? Or unnatural?}

He simbolise nature to just a tree

He is using hard edge and soft edge to express nature and degital

Using Analog film camera and shoot image+ paint

Important thing is to conform of steel something from another artists.

The Xenon

Everything move in the painting {}and express a kind of communication

Black and white …synthetic= 総合的な colour

His work shifted from painting to photo=== 3D

↑Like this

According to him, It is the colaboration of artist and machine.

He don’t use “Photoshop”=Tacita Dean said the same thing

And come back to the painting

Actually about 3D series, photos are better than painting



Making Miclocosm of the world through painting

His time is stopping 1960-1980 the time people were believing the good direction of technology.

Cerebrated technology and utopia which will be brought. Much brighter future.

I prefer this thought.

But in this few years his paintings change to the iconic way for such the technological utopia.

Interesting thing is no one paint bright future at this time.

In 1980, there was so many paintings which represent us to bright future

Becoming dark, dark, and dark.

What kind of hope can we find out at this time?

And his interest changed to “still life” which doesn’t change in the future as well.

Those paintings are nice and fine, but for me, it looks smaller than the scale of his nature. Maybe he tired to be betrayed by the future.

The world become to be requid

Arkhip Kuindzh

Florian Sussumay???? ArtistJames White




Use good quality materials

Empty body and soul

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