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​Artist Statement 2

If I had to say one subject through all my works, that would be life. Life is one of the most beautiful and mysterious elements in the world. Even though life is quite a familiar word for all of us, that is super difficult to answer the questions that what is life, and why are we living? To face those questions is my habit, simultaneously the root of my practice. I want to visualise the essential energy common to all lives. Throughout art making, I aim to portray the energy shaping life and how the world is constructed by this connection from a realistic point of view which depends on academic pieces of evidence.


 "Nature is a godsend. It just has so much in it. And I think nature wants to express itself in the sense that we are nature, humans are of the universe. The universe is in our mind, and our minds are in the universe."(Shanon, T)


In these few decades, society became full of the beautiful images were taken and edited instantly by digital technologies, nowadays even AI can paint a worthful painting. Following the situation, it is becoming more and more difficult to find the meaning of creating hand-made paintings. However, when I define my art-making as a way for nature expresses nature, the meaning of my painting activity becomes clear. Regardless of the developed technology or digitalized society, the essence of my paintings is a result of the instinctive expression of nature as a life. I aim to depict the essential energy of life as beautiful as possible using basic oil painting techniques which I believe is the most beautiful painting format. Additionally, to paint the essential energy of life in a realistic way, I aim to paint life in the universe such as stars or planets which shape the form of energy itself depending on the astronomical study.


Additionally, I want my work to challenge the new expression by appropriating the modern advantage such as developed technology or science. For example, the introduction of hologram technology or digital scent technology. Rather than fearing changes, I want to face the art of the present era by accepting and coexisting advanced technology or social changes by using oil painting as a medium. My purpose is to show strong beautiful images of the energy all lives having in a freeway beyond the boundary of the classification, genre, or format.

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