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Artist Statement

 My long-term collaborator, an astronomer Anastasia Kokori said that I am "always working on visualising something unseen". This aligns with how I seek to reveal the unconscious, invisible and spiritual through painting. I aim to depict more than superficial elements that unseen which under the visible data or externalised matter. Through such mimetic processes, I explore both the scientific and the divine. I propose that painting has the potential to create enhanced versions of the realities embodied ‘unseen’ in artworks.

 I agree with Albert Einstein's account "The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science." (Einstein, 1934.). My imaginative treatments of distant planets and suns in relation to time, memory and the mind arguably extend the reach of scientific thinking, suggesting new aspirations and goals to be reached. My gestural oil paintings, echo the curiosity on which human civilisation is built. Their earthy palettes and swirling waters of the seas recall a dramatic version of the original stored in my mind’s eye. Whether figurative forms, powerful landscapes, or unidentified creatures in my painting, they demonstrate my desire to understand the nature of the mysterious world around me. I am exploreing the intangible and abstract elements of the world by embodying the underworld I feel. In this way, painting provides me with the means of reconstructing incomprehensible experiences as something touchable, tangible and communicable to others.

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