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Proposal: Creating a world in virtual reality


The outline of my collaboration project is to create a piece of the three-dimensional unexisting world from painting images by collaborating with a game creator Akshay Jain and his technical team. We are planning for a long-term project to make an indie adventure game to be released. My project in unit3 will be the beginning part of the plan by making a piece of the world and character practically by collaborating oil painting and 3D technology.


The beginning of the project was an offer from the Akshay's team. They asked me to visualize their image of the game because they have a skill and idea of how to make the game, but they cannot draw the images.  Now I am just following their plan, so I can't clearly see the entire project. My aim throughout the project is to go beyond conventional painting format while keeping my photo-realistic style. My current art-making is based on photographic accuracy and painting skill. I find the beauty of painting in the skillful painterly depiction such as the paintings of Leonard da Vinci or Gerhard Richter. To find the new role of painting at present, I want to transform the canvas into 3-dimensional forms. At the end of the project, I am planning to show the 3D image model of a basic landscape and creature of the world with original paintings.


For inspiration, we are looking at the quality of the game "Journey"(2012).  This game is a kind of adventure experiment. The biggest attraction is the point that not only the character but also the player can come into another world and experience the journey. Adventure is a dream, many people having a desire for exploring the unexplored place or discovering the secret behind something mysterious. That would be difficult to do in real at present, but the game makes it possible. To create a world that will be the stage of the journey, I am proposing to create a landscape using film-making techniques and astronomical viewpoints that add to Akshay's imagination.


Additionally, I am now collecting images of deserts and ancient Egypt because the desert view is similar to the view from another planets. Ancient Egypt culture is quite effective to represent the mysteries of nature. 


The schedule at the moment is submitting rough drawing until 17thFeb, paintings of a character on 10th March, landscapes on 20th April, and the 3D making from 21st April to 10th May.

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