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European Planetary Science Congress(EPSC) 2019


Photographed by Martin Roos

2019-09-19 21.15.20b.JPG

With collaborater Anastasia Kokori and Angelous Tsiaras.

Our work has been shown in the world biggest planetary science conference EPSC2019. We presented the work with actual paintings, it was a crucial experience. Thanks for everyone visiting my space.


Throughout the experiment of participation to EPSC2019 and the presentation there, the thing I found is a positive indication for the future of science and art. 

When I begin the collaboration project with scientists, I didn't know what science is and what scientists are thinking of, and I suppose my collaborator also didn't know about art. We started our project from literary zero. That is the most significant basement of the project because we had no preconception. We started our project from building a human relationship through over meeting, again and again, to know each other. By the long-term relationship, I could understand what they want to do with art, and what I hope to scientists.  My understanding was that scientists have their imagination deep in mind, but they don't express it because they are not an expresser. My job on the project is to obtain the shape of a planet in the scientist's mind and externalize it by my skill and creation. 

Someone said to me in the conference, "Normally, artist create the super realistic work for scientists, but what scientist wants for art is slightly different. Your work looks no misunderstanding at that point." I suppose it is because we had a trust relationship built up over a long time. Our project is built on the human connection but not on the preconception of artist and science. I believe that is why the project- and the painting as a result- attracted people in congress. 

I am a lucky one because even though I have just shallow knowledge for astronomy, could participate in such an excellent science conference. On the other hand, I assume it's humanity that I am just an artist and scientist is a scientist, but when we cooperated, there is something new appears.

Luckily scientists in my presentation welcomed me warmly and showed interest in the collaboration of science and art. Now I convince if artist and scientist meet as just a friend and work together in the trust connection, we will see unprecedented future development in pease and coexist. A huge thanks for my collaborators and my friends Anastasia Kocori and Angelos Tsiaras. They showed me a new value of art. Hope my work will continuously participate in the project to create such a future where scientists and artists can laugh together without any inferiority like the photo we took.

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