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​Artist Statement 3

In these few decades, society is full of images taken and edited instantly by digital technologies. Nowadays, even AI paints a worthwhile painting. It is becoming more and more difficult to find the meaning of creating hand-made paintings. 


 I put the emphasis on the essential human desire curiosity for nature and the mysterious. My painting is the visual evidence of my understanding and thought of nature. I believe art can act as a connection between nature and life.


I aim to depict the essential energy of life as beautiful as possible. In order to paint an abstract idea of the energy of life, I am now focusing on painting life in the universe such as stars or planets which shape the form of energy itself. According to NASA, most of the elements which construct us like oxygen, iron, or calcium are all supernova remnants. Star remnants are the essence of life common in all lives. Through to depict the universe, I want to visualize the spiritual connection of our life and the world. 

Simultaneously I'm doing a project with astronomers to visualize the mystery of the universe by painting. This project aims to show a new perspective of the universe for the next generation, I'm depicting the invisible elements of the universe depends on the analytical data of science. For example, exoplanet, the surface of stars, anatomical view of them. We named this project "Experiencing the mysterious nature of the universe through painting", exploring the way to contribute to the general exploration of the cosmos and our origins by the cooperation of science and art.

For the quality of the painting,  I'm striving to paint a painting which is constructed by piling of a flat and thin layer like a photograph using the color which has depth like it reminds people of the weight of time. I aim a painting which is light like a photograph and profound like a Renaissance religious painting.


Additionally, my works about the universe are supported by developed science and technology. For example, the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) captures the view of the universe people never reached, or the photo technology using x-ray which makes it possible to see the life of the universe from a different wavelength of the light. I paint a view of the universe from varied viewpoints by analyzing and mixing up the images taken by using that technology.

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