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The Courtauld Gallery

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The Courtauld Gallery is now closing, but it was my best Gallery ever. I've been to there more than ten times. I simply loved the relaxing wood-based space and rich collections. 


Especially the collection of religious painting during 1500 to1700 and works of Cezanne inspired me a lot. There are so many artists who paint nature, but I suppose Cezanne is the most sincere artist for nature. I could see the accuracy of the colour and shape on canvas from all his work, also I found that he painted not only figure of nature, but also invisible detail like smell, temperature, and atmosphere on a painting. It was my pleasure that I could face to actual his work at the gallery.


 I was also inspired by religious paintings, particularly "ADAM AND EVE" by Lucas Cranach the Elder was impressional. Nature in the painting is quite depicted, but it is not like the painting of child books or animation.there is actual nature inside, even though each figure is not realistic. The story as well. I am not sure whether Adam and Eva existed or not, but the story is in the painting quite vividly. I found a meaning of "reality" in the painting via that painting. A painting is a world.

About the Gallery, the way of the exhibit is beautiful. the building is not tasteless like white cube gallery, sunshine go through the whole rooms beautifully, and paintings are exhibited very naturally as if each painting is breathing. I could see the coexistence people and paintings in there.

​Space Shifters at Heyward Gallery


This exhibition was quite impressional because the first time when I visited there, I definitely felt an otherworldly quality. the materials of works are not special which like grasses, plastics, stone, wood, oil, and so on, but the imagination of artists made those otherworldly object. It was like a tangible universe by art. Especially the work of using a room like a water tank, that was quite simple but it reminds me universe. Throughout the exhibition, I was confident that human imagination can make universe visible form using everyday things. for me, it is brash and paper. 


  • Is Art Recording?


I found a necessity of literary culture on the British history I wonder British has been tried to record something invisible like time, happenings, atmosphere, religious, emotion, something like that.

I guess “Recording” has been one of the most important things in the UK.

Before I came to London, It was quite weird for me that why people feel satisfied with watching relics in the museum because those are just an object someone who passed used. However, now I bit more understand it. 

In here, people find the value in the “context”. Even if it was an artwork looks like rubbish, the value will emerge when someone is moved by the story behind. And then, people call it “Context” which the story behind something.

Additionally, I guess, context means a kind of recording.

The artwork in this country is like a book, it is a way to record something.

Smell, air, emotion, a moment.

Everything has a meaning. And people enjoy describing what information has been recorded in an object. This is one of the ways to how to define "Art" I found throughout the exhibition.


Even though, I had no idea about "Gospel Book", those were particularly beautiful and reminded me Buddism paintings. 

It was really interesting because different religions have each varied belief and context, but some of the visual images are quite similar wherever. So I convinced that spiritual stuff represents a universe from the ancient era, maybe the different expression or form emerged because just a different group of people perceived invisible power in each way.

Art is evidence of the unchanging wish of mankind that for eternal and nature.



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