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Method and Materials:

on Paint, materiality, and meaning

' Material' how it becomes to concern an artist?

the short film about Michel Stubbs

he paints big paintings by penk. Narration put emphasis on the point that his painting style is physical activity but not digital. the work is influenced by digital works or internet more than traditional painting nonhistorical painting.


What is contemporality?

Paintings are static things as a collaborative medium.

Internet(Maybe technology) replaced conventional painting role, so now there is quite innocent elements remind on contemporary painting.

The shift of materiality of paintings. In the past, the role of paintings is more like a photograph. Painting is a thing to record something, however now painters don't have to put the place on the perfection of details on the surface. It changed the meaning of "Materiality"

Photographs are a mechanical process, on the other hand, painting process depending on more craft work. Painting must be subjective more than a photograph.

Cezanne recreated the scape. This is a kind of illusion. Painting is self-referential it is analyzing own structure


mechanical reproduction vs self-reproduction

a photograph is an objective, figurative mirror of the world.

To paint is to make a mark? I want to paint, but not a painterly mark.

How art is physically perceived?

Artist's physical relationship with a painting. Physical works make exhaustion. Remaking a physical structure way.

Art as a physical experiment. FE: Italian medieval arts in the church.

After the WW2, paintings became more materialistic ( Is that concerning to the materialistic/ capitalistic society?) 

"Gutai” concrete and tangible.


Pigment self-manifest(Is that also related to the society? people exhausted to the technological development and capitalism and trying to go back to nature and simplicity )

Art now looks focusing on "Self-experience"


Jackson Polock "horizontality" "Formless painting"

material and physical focus sometimes located opposite side of visual beauty. Dust!!!

Richter is influenced by American pop art more than Abstract expressionism.


Andy Warhol and Gerhard Richter(Interesting artists and the relationship)


Maybe I can combine physical painting and my universe research things???


An artist who grows up pigment material by herself.



Paint as skin, paint is skinnily way. Paint materiality and skin and physicality.






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