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Reading Group 19/11/2018

It was meaningful discussion because each generation have different opinion about the internet and online culture.

The young generation understands the digital media and online culture as like an expansion of our brain. On the other hands, people who grew up in the society before the internet was born are still confusing to the relationship to it.

This world may be changing with hyper high speed, and it will be going to change continuously in the future as well. Today I felt the confusing of higher generation, but the confusing state will be mine a few decades later.


Online, internet culture= DIY culture it is interesting

So many artist in the world, everyone express oneself and share it by using online

Who is audience? And who is the true artist?

The border between pro and Ama is quite unclear in this period. And also, I feel people try to measure the value with money amount.

However some of artists were not appreciated for the audience through a whole of heir life even in the past, such as Van Gogh and Cezanne.

Does it concern to the online culture or not?


This is a point of this book

Internet society makes the world “leaderlessness”, it’s so true.

And I think it related with DIY culture by Internet culture.

We don’t know who is the person we should trust, and who truly has the power. That’s why we lost leader.

I cannot get the meaning right now, but this account moved me.

What is “trolling?’


Is that wisdom?

For me, crowds looks just chose easy way to do or think.

Mock 偽の・からかい。嘲り

Giddy めまい・目がくらむ

Ramped up・Get stronger

incarnation 化身・権化・

Concur 同意する・一致する

Astonish 突然びっくりさせる・驚かせる

Engagement 婚約・約束・交戦・公約

Superficial 表面上

Perspective 遠近法・見込み・展望・将来の見通し

offensive 攻撃的無礼

Fragmentation 分解・細分化

Higher ground

Observation 観察

Smartphone is our organ! スマホはもはや俺の臓器!

Supervise 監督する


Expose 危険にさらす・秘密を暴露する

Transgression 違反 逸脱 破壊

Democratic 民主主義




Snapchat なんか画面見てしゃべること

Amusing 面白い・楽しい・陽気な・愉快な


“I have no idea about this world at all. “ Mark,F

“Power of distraction” Jacqreen

“They tying to grow up their character onto the internet.”


Where is the world?

Online? Reality? Both?

Children suside



“Technology is a kind of evolution” Amber

Art become more communitcaiv

“Argeument Reality” “AR”

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