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​Practical Criticism

The points I found interest

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For about the reading session, it was quite meaningful. Everyone said own idea throughout the article. We talked about roughly three topics that the future of painting, why we paint, and what the painting is


Firstly, about the future of painting, we found the successful model of the balance between business and artistic idea in the recent music industry.  However, music is the medium which can engage with any other industries quite naturally, on the other hand, we found it is difficult to engage painting to something because painting is limited by the format. In order to think about the future of painting, that is important that how to beyond the format of paint on canvas, and how to find something to engage with painting.


Secondly, regarding why we paint, we defined that is the natural desire of nature want to express nature. And painting activity includes all physical activity so that it is highly connecting the sense of ecstasy. "Passion" might be a crucial element of painting activity.


Thirdly, the idea about what the painting at the present is, we found it could be a visible idea and a visual global language. Mostly painters paint a painting to find out what we are. As in the text, painting at the present is something to read like a text, but not to watch. Some say that in the UK, education starts with the reading text, so art education also spreads from reading. Painting is a kind of visual index of the idea.


Notes in the discssion

Painting student tenderly isolated from all another series

Some people said that the article is old, but why we read Greengerg even now?

Painter paint owns meaning but we should negotiate from a more objective viewpoint.

text and practice

English education starts with the text and spread to art.

reimagine is art making he said. 

personal taste it means 'version' Gerard said.

mark something.

conversation and written words

painting go back to predominant.

physical engagement he is battling because painting is going beyond something.

under the western perspective.

syncretistic? the technic

belief of your making globalism explosion of humanity

makes to a better person

aware empathetic.


physical activity makes satisfy 


sense of ecstasy


painting as a global language


reimagining of image 

embodiment a world view


"The point is how your work engages with the world."

"music new industry"

"How and what to engage to"

Amateurism and Passion

Every surface are painted

How to keep the initial freshness to the end.

Drawing and painting is pretty different


conference of painting

We are looking for what we are.

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