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 Artist Statement 

My painting activity is a fight to figure out a painting form which actually in need at now. Nowadays not only beautiful images are made quickly by digital stuff, but also AI can produce paintings. Among this situation, it is becoming more and more difficult to define the meaning of creating hand-made paintings. Meanwhile, I find the significance of the painting created on the essential nature of human beings. I convinced among my life that when people forget art, their mind will die and become like a machine. The mental demands for beauty are also universal.


My aim as a painter is to find out a section in this society which truly needs a painter, and do the best job there.




Antoni Gaudi said, "Anything created by the human being is already in the great book of nature." 




I suppose that nature is the world and God, and the most beautiful thing. I define the painter's job is to urge coexistence between human being and nature using the painter's body as a medium that is the point mechanical stuff cannot take over. Since the ideal of my painting is being a connection between human society and the energy of nature. All my research is to paint nature as accurate as possible.




The definition of nature in my painting is not like forest, river, or mountain, but it is the energy nourishing all life. A good example is anatomy. I started studying anatomy to paint a portrait, but the anatomical research not only brought me the knowledge about human construction but also awareness for the divinity of life. All human body is following a perfect design drawing like precision machinery, the micro view of each cell is like space view. On the other hand, a dead body to be just a mass of meat. The nature I suppose is the system to create and manage life, and the system is the energy of nature itself. My works capturing the energy flow throughout a painter's perception and research. Hopefully, I want to make those useful for people. 




I want to challenge paintings in the right place there is demand. I don't think painting role has changed from the ancient era, but I reckon that it has been together with human society while changing the form flexibly depending on occasional people needs. I suppose the flexibility is the strength of painting activity. Then, I wonder which area of society needs a painter now. One of my answers is the universe. I am guessing the place there is impossible to analyse by photo technology have the demand for painter's perception. I want to develop the new position of painting aggressively. 

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