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​Images from movie


Firstly I painted three images from the two films "The Mirror"(1975) and "Solaris" (1972) directed by Andrey Tarkovsky. The reason I painted those images are that I felt beauty and divinity from the scenes. The aim of the first three paintings was to figure out via painting activity that why those scenes are so attractive to me, and how the divinity and beauty I found was constructed.


The second three continuous images are also from the film "Ivan's Childhood"(1962) directed by Andrey Tarkovsky. That work came from different interest from above images that how painting capture the move. In those paintings, I expressed the time and move by using three images. 


By the way, those works using film images are a practical challenge to expand the range of my expression by painting. As a reason I chose only Tarkovsky's film, he is a director I respect the most. Additionally, I am interested in the world he captuwhich had two opposite elements what abstractive impression from his point of view and realistic imagery as if watching raw nature without camera layer.

​The Moment Series


The moment series is the series I painted after three continuous film image painting series. In this series, I tried to make a film with nine images. I painted film images and convinced that the images can tell a story by placing on a contextualized order. Those nine paintings tell a story as a whole which is no sound, no word, and no cast. I wanted to make a just quiet story nature telling. Maybe if this story was shooted as a film, it would be very boring because nothing happens. However, the texture of hand-made painting made it tasteful. My intention about this series was that tell a story of the world as simple as possible by using selected images minimum required.


As a process, Firstly I got an idea I wrote above, and then, I shooted short videos randomly. To get the natural image, when I shoot videos I made effort to remove my will and intention. For example, trough the camera, or just leaving the camera put on the ground. And then, I analysed videos by checking the images moment by moment, and selected nine images from about 30 minutes of video.


the actual order following the story in my mind is not important element of this painting because I suppose there is no rule in that story. This is a big difference between film and painting. Instead of films can express a long story in one frame, it must be limited by time. There are start and end, images following the time spend. On the other hand, painting has no beginning, simultaneously there is no end. At that point, painting is very freedom. Since I do not explain the story of the painting in my mind. The point is that I tried to define this world via those paintings.



While I was painting the series, I was thinking about the story in the world. For me, this world is full of the story. Everything has a memory or history, but it is not spoken. That is so hard to live while feeling each story around us every day, and it is impossible to know all stories in the world. However, this is true that every story was born following a system of nature. Nature is the big story overwhelming all. At the forward of the great book of nature, even our life is just a tiny part of a story. 

Paintings about universe

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