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​Painting the Universe

In this project, I collaborate with a professional astronomic organisation Exoworldsspies Spies (Available at :, paint the life of planet people have never seen depends on information they give me. By the way, The project is just a beginning now, so I am going to upload information from time to time. My first project plan is avairable at the bottan below. But it already has changes slightly.

​unit 1

Those practical paintings about the universe are for my next project which is collaborating with an astronomic organisation. In that project, I am trying to paint planets human being have never seen but which is definitely in the universe. Before I start to paint the specific invisible planets, I am trying to figure out the way to paint universe stuff because it is very difficult to paint with reality, also those never are able to measure by our experimental common sense. planets are the life which lives in another world. 

How I can paint those with reality is the new subject of my painting.

Notes for researching planets


Now I am simply researching about the "planet E". This is a planet of Canari which is a star like a sun. I am figuring up the way to paint the planet as realistic as possible.

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