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In this lecture, the tutor focused on "Eschatology" in art history. This lecture was impressional because I haven't watched fifty of paintings about deluge and destruction at the same time. In the lecture, the tutor seemed like just be introducing painting with projected images, but I was overwhelmed by the power of paintings. I also didn't know what the Eschatology is. He said traditionally people have simulated what happens in the world end, and Eschatology is highly connected to deluge because of the bible story Noah's ark. 

He showed us wave paintings of Hokusai and explained: "This painting is often stated about Tsunami, but it is not true."

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I have seen the world end once. It was 3.11 when the big earthquake and tsunami came and destroyed East North Japan in 2011. He said the painting of Hokusai let people think of tsunami, but I think those people haven't seen the actual tsunami. Actual tsunami literally destroyed everything. Houses, people, town, village, life, relationship, and nature we used to... We could express it is a big scare cleansing of the land, but for a person, this is too much cruelty and never beautiful like a painting.

When the earthquake happened and saw the atomic power plant destroyed, I certainly felt the world's end. Japanese government never reveal the information, but some people who are living in the area say: the teratogenic species in the area around atomic plant are explosively increasing. This is the result of people depended on an uncontrolled overpower. However, the Japanese government never stop using atomistic power to produce energy even though Japan is only one country which faced the big destruction by the atomic bomb. Why we do not stop going ahead while knowing what lies ahead to the dependence of nuclear power. When I was in Japan, I often thought Japan is slowly committing suicide. 

Through the lecture, I wondered now is the time to need a painting of Escatology to know where we are going to toward. Even though the painting won't be aesthetic or romantic like ancient Eschatological painting.

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