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"The Mirror"(1975) Directed by Andrey Tarkovsky

This movie influenced me the most so far, It changed my life.

The story depends on Tarkovsky's childhood memory. Even though it is quite difficult to grasp a whole story from the script, the impressional imagery and scenery tell one life eloquently.

There are raw nature and trace of one life into the 108 minutes.

This film showed me the story without narration, I found life is the story, and nature is the essence of this world. We live in nature, and someday disappear, but our memory of life will be a part of a big story of the world. This film taught me that life itself is the greatest artwork. This movie doesn't have a surprising trick or special creativity, but there is a truth.

I suppose this is the art I'm pursuing.



Ivan's Childhood (1962) Directed by Andrey Tarkovsky


This is a film about the life of 12 year's old boy named Ivan who lived the wartime. The story is relatively clear to see in Tarkovsky's movie. A boy who is destroyed home village by Nazi works at Russian army as a spay, finally, he is killed. This film is definitely impressional and high quality as a whole. Especially I was moved by Tarkovsky's expression of the death. At the last, after imprecated Ivan's death, scene switches to the view Ivan running on the sea with a naked girl. After that, he runs away the sea alone, at the last he went back to the village and after gave water from mother, he goes somewhere riding on the coach. That continuous scene never depicts Ivan's death directly, but express death vividly. Although Tarkovsky could describe the death in any way, he chose an indirect expression which is not cruel, but beautiful. I wonder how many people can face death in such a beautiful way. This film showed me a fact that beauty is not there, but to be found by one's viewpoint.


"ANNIHILATION"(2018) Directed by Alex Garland

This movie is the cause I had an interest for the universe. ANNIHILATION is a science fiction movie. In this world people become botanical, unidentified creatures eat people, trees made of crystal, human-like being is made from a drop of blood. Firstly, I disliked the movie because it looked quite cruel and ghastly. However, following the story going on I wondered why I can say this world is not real, even though I don't know all of nature. There is no evidence trees are made of crystal, but I also don't know the evidence trees never made of crystal. Then I started to think about what nature is while watching the film, and then I found a huge interest for the universe. I really wanted to know what the world is, and to know the reason why trees shouldn't be made of crystal or people never become botanical.

Next day I went to Royal Observatory to research about space, and I met an astronomer at there who will collaborate with me. She gave me a chance to paint planet which mankind has never seen, this is my main project now.


This movie took me to the universe.

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