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​Lieber Maler, male mir


According to an online dictionary, "An example of kitsch might be these plastic flamingoes. noun. The definition of kitsch is a form of art that is inferior, often gaudy, imitation of a famous piece of art that is created for popular appeal. An example of kitsch is a Mickey Mouse t-shirt".



Throughout the reading class, I thought the idea of Kitsch made painting incomprehensive. I still remember the tutor showed us a cat painting and asked us that "Is that professional work?" Some students laughed because the painting was not skillful and looked very amateur. However, I found the painting is interesting because a special attraction in it which educated artists can't mimic. I thought this is what the sense kitsch artists brought us. Some people just laugh away, but some people like me accept amateur painting as art.  The idea of kitsch created a new visual habit of art that the beauty in the uniqueness or something most people find it inferior. However, it could be stated as a dangerous idea because this kind of beauty is unmeasurable and incompatible. We can accept almost everything as art. I often feel the recent art market is like a value association game by celebrities. The beginning point was maybe the establishment of the kitsch value.

Note in the session

What is Kitsch?

This is a style of painting

Kitch is based on an economic system

is a value system of art



kitsch is "the evil in the value system of the art" according to the text


Kitsch is the German word for trash and is used in English to describe particularly cheap, vulgar and sentimental forms of popular and commercial culture(TATE)


is the mimicking of reality



Kitsch is a more popular painting than conventional style like using popular images.

Painting is "space for symbolic thinking"

Frank Albert is a famous British artist. But I wonder why that texture was in need? Being in the part of the process

In the time of Kitsch artist, the purpose of artists is to question their idea and get some responses, so 

Drawing is crossing all boundary. Why?  because drawing is more like design befoere make something. Paintings are more like a result, or deliverables. The same revel with architect, 

How we evaluate bad painting quality.

What the difference between rubbish and professional paintings?

I think that was quite honest, interesting painting.


Painting is "space for symbolic thinking"

I think this account is quite. Paintings now are the index of ideas. We can read paintings like a book.

Actually, I think painting at the present has a huge possibility of engagement with something another subject.

Paintings are not valuable as itself, so I suppose painter should find the value by oneself. Before paintings evolved, a painter has to evolve beyond the classic idea.

In my point of view, some students as thinking they are definitely professional artists because they are studying art at MA, not everyone can do that. However, I suppose it's not. That's a totally silly idea. We should not laugh people who are not educated.

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