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Light Finds Always Its Way



Thanks for the participation!

This is the page for the project "Light Finds Always Its Way". 


Japanese painter and Greek Astronomer started that cooperative project in December 2020 for lightening up people's hearts through art and astronomy. We decided to share the artwork with people around the world by passing it a friend to friend. The person who gets the painting can hold a small private exhibition anywhere they like, the work will be passed to the holder's friend within one month. We will track the record on this page. ​ if you enjoy the project, that would be our pleasure!



For that project, I created a piece of artwork titled " Light Always Finds Its Way" which is inspired by supernova remnants and Buddism art Mandala.


Supernova indicates death and incarnation because a star dies by supernova but new stars consist of supernova remnants. Meanwhile, Mandala is a format of pray externalized as visual art. Tibetian monks drow Mandala on land with colored sand with praying for world peace. However, it is broken soon after completed and the sand releases into the river with monk's hands by wishing the river brings their wish to all over the world through the ocean.

" Light Always Finds Its Way" is inspired by these two, I applied the process of Mandala to the making.

 " Light Always Finds Its Way" reflects the imagery inspired by supernova reminants, but it doesn't exist in reality because the vision came up from my mind through meditation. In terms of the process, I focused on praying for lightening up people's hearts rather than specific painting techniques or subjects. I carefully captured precisely what I saw in the meditation,  the painting can be said the pure appearance of my wish. 

I send the work to my friend living far apart from me, and the friend will send the work to her friend. The work will flow from friend to friend until December 2021 when the work will be returned to my place. My idea is, using human connections to reach our wish to the world instead of flowing the work into the river by hoping our wish will reach out to the world.

The work can be said, "the work that will be completed by unity".

I hope the wish will reach people as many as possible.

Light Always Finds Its Way/光は常にその道を見つける」は、超新星残骸/スーパーノヴァレミナンツと仏教美術の一種である曼荼羅に触発され生まれたプロジェクトです。




「Light Always Finds its Way」は、これら2つに影響を受けて制作されており、特に描く過程では曼荼羅のプロセスが、モチーフとしては超新星が中心的な骨組みとなっています。







Light Always Finds Its Way

2020, 22x22(cm), oil on canvas

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 22.15.46.png
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