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my interest is always with invisible stories and light. These are series paintings I have no idea about the title, but all of them depend on old photographs. 

I think photographs are packing raw information. Each photograph includes the variety of stories which would be forgotten in this world if the photos won't capture the moment. Sometimes those are less important, but sometimes photos left stories of universal significance.

I read old photographs like to read a book. There is no word, but if you tried to capture the story of the moment in the photo, you will be able to read it from every element constructing a moment, such as the moving of the tree and grasses, the trivial motion in the face, the location of hands, and those distance between. The inner stories of the moment took my heart and won't let go. Those are stories here today and gone tomorrow, but telling the truth of how life has done.


I want to record the story I read to the painting, and hopefully show a part of my perspective for viewers. After all, I want to show the miracle throughout this photo painting series. I think it is a miracle that we are crossing the time and touch the stories it should have disappeared from the world with a photo as a time capsule.

In my point of view, life is a miracle because it's always unpredictable and full of the surprise and hidden stories. The cleverest scenario writer is always God, and every narrative, myth, sacred stories from ancient are actually in each our lives. However human beings include me are normally not a philosopher, so we often forget the miracle on one's life because those are invisible, but the story of another life in the past is much easier to see than own one. Thus, if anyone feels the story of the life from my photo painting, and notices the miracle of your life, this is my hope. 

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