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Today I met a British guy in middle age. he was sitting in the forest quietly. then I asked him to " what are you doing?" he just answered, "I'm sitting." I had an interest to him because he looks poetic, I asked again that " what did you find at this place?" He said, "I found everything around there, like the voice of birds, trees, and so on." He (named Mark) was shy but he has never ignored me. I came to like him, continued talking. 


- Are you an artist?

I'm not an artist, but I draw a picture and take photos.

- where are you from?


-so, here is your world.

No, I was born in London, but I travel a lot.

- where have you been?

Morocco, Germany, French, Spain, etcetera.

- Don't you go to Asian countries?

I will.

-I don't recommend you to Japan, it's a horrible country.

I've never thought about Japan. I hate Japanese.

- Why?

My father who died recently was a rail mechanic, a Japanese army cut his finger off in the war.

-Oh, I'm so sorry about that, but my grandfather was killed by a western army.

That is war.


I apologised to him since I thought this is the guilt of Japan. Then I became very very sad feeling. I felt like my grandpa was cut off finger by someone. 

At the end of time, we shook hands twice. Firstly, I held out my hand very naturally it was like not my hand, and I said: " I'm so sorry about the finger of your father." He said nothing.  Secondly, he held out his hand to me, and said: "A happy new year" I replied:" you too."

I think, in the first shake hands, I held out my hand instead of the Japanese army, and Mark also took my hand instead of his father. that was not us. Although, second shake hands were for living us. That connected us as life and life. I found weirdness into the communication because I felt something like fate. Why did I tell out to him? , why did he reply to me so seriously? and who was the person truly talked? We never know, but I saw an invisible power to connect person to person.

As we parted, I said to him "I like you."

To be honest, I wanted to say I love you. Huge love for the coincidence of our meeting today. Our family couldn't meet in the right situation, but we could meet rightly in the peaceful forest.

cheers for today.


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