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James White

Since the early 2000s, James White (b.1967 Tiverton, UK) has worked in monochrome, exploring everyday minutiae. His seemingly quiet domestic environments have a strong psychological element. Working from his own photographs, an ostensibly insignificant detail or moment is prolonged, the act of painting introducing layers of time to a tiny snippet of everyday life. This lends each work an intensity and tension that the artist feels would be missing if the image was to remain as a photographic snapshot. White’s paintings allude to a human presence without depicting any physical being. The resulting effect is a creeping awareness of incidents that might occur beyond the frame, activating the viewer’s imagination.

I like the quality of his painting. I feel a raw impression of his view for objects. Especially transparency things like a glass and bottles, there is the presence of life.

Black and white imagery emphasises the transparent light and a kind of purity and mysteriousness.

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